Online Learning

Connected Learning Community

The School District 42 Online Learning School (Connected Learning Community) offers a variety of grade 10, 11 and 12 courses that follow the Ministry of Education British Columbia curriculum.  Our school is a member of the Western Canadian Learning Network.

We value all members of our school community and recognize that students learn in a variety of ways and environments.  We work toward meeting the individual needs of each learner to prepare them for their future.  Online learning students can take a program or course online, connect with their teacher from anywhere using the internet, phone, email or mail and work with their teacher to reach goals in the learning plan.

There is no cost for online courses for non-graduated high school students and non-graduated adult students.  Some courses require a course tuition fee for graduated adults.  Please see our academic advisor for details.  Our online learning courses are led by B.C. Certified Teachers and we provide quality services to our Learners.

Our online learning program and courses are always available to students who reside (live) in the district, regardless of whether or not they are also enrolled in an independent school or francophone education authority.  Please note current out of district students must complete their current course(s) by April 30, 2024 and cannot add any subsequent courses to their timetable.

Online learning provides a method of instruction that relies primarily on communication between students and teachers by mean of the internet.  It may also include other types of instruction at a distance from the learner, such as correspondence or teleconferencing, as well as in-person services.  Alternatively, homeschooling is defined as an educational program provided to a child by a parent that is not under the supervision of direction of a qualified teacher.

Students who are currently registered in a high school and choose to take a course with an online school will be “dual-enrolled.”  Assessment information will be shared on the student’s high school report card and transcript.

Online Learning BC is the hub for K-12 Provincial Online Learning Schools (POLS).  Online Learning BC provides information about online learning courses and programs offered by POLS-Public and POLS-Independent. POLS provide K-12 online learning services to students across B.C.  You can search for K-12 online courses, online programs, or Provincial Online Learning Schools and find the information you need to enrol, plan, or contact the school for more information.

**The fee for international students is $985 per course. (this fee will increase to $1100 starting July 1, 2024)